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Discipleship Flow Bible Study

The Basic Stage of Discipleship

(Establishing) is the place where new/immature Christians are established in their faith by developing their awareness of what it means to follow Christ. This stage helps the new Christian learn about committing him/herself to Christ and his people. Persons making a commitment here at Zion Canaan will be required to attend the following Basic Discipleship (Establishing) classes before taking any Intermediate Discipleship (Empowering) or Advanced Discipleship (Equipping) classes:

I. Six-week New Believers/New Member Class: (E101) "Walking Into my New Spiritual Life"

Topics include:
  1. Understanding My New Spiritual Life
  2. Living My New Spiritual Life
  3. Maintaining My New Spiritual Life
  4. Maturing In My New Spiritual Life

II. Follow-up Classes to New Believers/New Member Study

Topics include:
  1. (E102) "Overview of the Bible/Effective Bible Reading"
  2. (E103) "The Gospel of John"
  3. (E104) "Developing an Effective Prayer Life"
  4. (E105) "Introduction to Spiritual Gifts"
  5. (E106) "Learning to Share Jesus Without Fear"

The Intermediate Stage of Discipleship

(Empowering) is for those who have completed Basic Discipleship (Establishing). This Intermediate stage helps the young Christian understand how to rightly grow and love as a Christian; how to master the fight over the world, Satan and the flesh by God's Word. This stage takes a few years and the changing point happens when Christians can see their faith grow by how God has led them into victory over their sins. Persons who want to become a leader of a ministry must take the following Core classes before taking any Advanced Discipleship (Equipping) classes:
(C101) History of the Christian Church/Baptist Doctrine
(C102) Knowing God's Purpose for Your Life
(C103) How To Be a Good Steward
(C104) Identifying Your Spiritual Gifts
(C105) How to Deal with Offenses
(C106) How to Praise and Worship
(C107) Understanding The Purpose and Power of Prayer
(C108) How to Witness
(C109) Striving for Moral Purity
(C110) Marriage - Oneness (Only required for those who are married or engaged to be married)

Other Empowering classes (Electives) will also be offered during the year. These offerings could include classes that have already been offered, as well as new ones.

The Advanced Stage of Discipleship

(Equipping) is interconnected to leadership, service and ministry. This stage helps the mature Christian develop a deep and strong faith to carry out God's work. The mature Christian bears fruit; and this fruit will show itself in the ways it strengthens others in numerous areas of life such (1) becoming more like Christ; (2) serving others to help them grow; (3) using their spiritual gifts to equip the Body of Christ; (4) becoming good stewards of God's possessions; (5) protecting others from false teachings; sharing insights from God's Word; (6) making leadership decisions; and (7) comforting those who are experiencing difficulties. Members who desire to lead a ministry in this church must attend the training listed below:
  1. Leadership
  2. Christian Maturity
  3. Specific Training for Ministries

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