Membership Ministries

MEMBERSHIP TEAM: Deacon Ronald Anderson, Director
Assigned the purpose of Fellowship
  1. Care for the members.
  2. Facilitate the new members' process.
  3. Oversee pastoral care, hospital visitation, bereavement and benevolence within the congregation.
  4. Plan and oversee major fellowship events within the church family.

Deacon Ministry

Dea. and Mrs. Charles Gipson

Dea. and Mrs. DD Washington

Dea. and Mrs. Dell Wright

Dea. and Mrs. Henry Young

Dea. and Mrs. Ronald Anderson

Dea. and Mrs. Donald Webb

Dea. and Mrs. Keith Evans

Dea, William Smalls

Dea. and Mrs. Timothy Barnes

Dea. and Mrs. Richard Hampton

Dea. Dave and Deaconess Wanda Dennis

Dea. and Mrs. Evangalar Patterson

Deaconess Ministry

Leader: Gwendolyn Wright

Mission Statement: To evangelize to the unsaved, to assist in the spiritual matters of the church and serve as the female servant-leaders for the Pastor, to assist with the deacons' ministries and the congregation.

Special Note - In addition to their Deaconess' ministry responsibilities, our deaconesses are active participants and/or leaders in Mission projects, evangelism/outreach programs, Sunday school, Bible Study, Church choir, Jubilee choir, usher board, youth department, community projects, volunteers in the community, and many other capacities. Read More...

Committment Counselors

Leader: Marie Burkins

Baptismal Preperation

Leader: Laura Fennell